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Welcome to my first tutorial (hope i will manage to make more).

So i needed to make a signin and registration form for a translation website. As i have started to use Elementor, it makes a lot of things easyer, I wanted to try using it for this purpose.

Elementor makes it super easy to create custom forms without any coding and it has a login widget wich is great if you only need a login form. But in this case i needed a registration from.

I searched the web and here comes Essential Addons for Elementor and it has a great widget to do just that and it has included also the forgot password form.

So lets start.

After Installing Elementor and Essential Addons lets make a new page to include our new signIn form. And then edit it in Elementor

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Two pictures to help me remember how to do simple gradients in blender.
In the world and on an object

World Gradient in Blender
Object Gradient in Blender

I made simple Elementor addon that adds a slider based on an acf repeater.

To Install, download the zip from github and add as a WordPress PlugIN.

Image return Format in ACF should be Image ID

Under Elementor Addons “General” add the PUP Repeater Addon

It will have three fields. Insert the field names of the Acf repeater